In this article, I will talk about the color purple.

Let's figure it out. If everything is purple for you, then….
In this article, I will talk about the color purple.

Let's figure it out. If everything is purple for you, then….

Impact on your body.

1. Rejuvenates;
2. Increases creativity and immunity.
3. Alcoholics prefer purple, which reflects the loss of the real world. In psychiatry, violent patients are calmed with violet medium;
4. Purple color has a tonic effect on the brain and eyes, promotes the production of hormones of joy (endorphins), melatonin. And also acts on: nerves, glands, primarily the pituitary gland, the lymphatic system.
5.Reduces, reduces pain;
6. It has a beneficial effect on a person with a tense rhythm of life, with insomnia, migraines and depression.
If everything is purple for you, then….

Purple in your interior

1 Do not decorate offices or study rooms in these colors. In such premises, people are reluctant to work, their concentration drops and dissatisfaction with the leadership grows. This color is not conducive to business.
2 Do not decorate a cafe with purple. Some people find this color unpleasant because it takes them out of the realm of specifics. Others, under the influence of this color, withdraw into themselves and look rather inhibited.
3 But if you want to achieve a mystical interior, then this color is the best choice for a personality prone to esotericism. And creatively busy people will feel great in such an environment. They will constantly feel themselves close to the true one, which will give them self-confidence.
4 Ideal for a relaxation room. In such a room, you will achieve the result twice as fast as in a regular one. Purple will do all the relaxation work for you.
5 Do not decorate children's rooms in these colors. In them, children will be lethargic, parents absent-minded. The development of children will be slowed down.

If everything is purple for you, then ... ..

Purple in your clothes

1 Purple slims. Perfect for masking overly full areas.
2 Due to the fact that this color is perceived ambiguously, you should avoid wearing it to business meetings. First, a person may feel insecure around purple and close themselves off from constructive negotiations. And secondly, he can characterize you in a color that is unfavorable to you: accuse you of not being specific, not serious and trying to manipulate him.
3 Pure purple is versatile, but its shades are capricious. Like blue, it goes either by thermal contrast or by similarity.

Psychology and color

A majestic color that has always been present in the clothes of kings and clergy. It is the color of inspiration that is characteristic of healers and creatives. He will help you learn to accept everything that happens to you with a calm heart, calm your soul and nourish it with the energy of inspiration. People who prefer this unusual color are very creative in their approach to life and are capable of incredible accomplishments by combining seemingly incompatible things.
1 If you are looking for a path to self-development, choose purple.
2 If you are a mystic, this is your color.
3. If you want to plunge into deep sleep - purple is good for the bedroom, it creates a pacifying, a little mystical atmosphere, calms down before bed.
4 Do you want to be young and slim? Let purple be your favorite color.

And I also know that when your true color tears you from the inside, you can wrap yourself in ten layers of white or black, nothing will help. It's like trying to plug a waterfall with a handkerchief (Mariam Petrosyan. The house in which ...).

The continuation of the review by colors follows ...

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