Design of the most luxurious homes

A luxury house from Antonchanka Interior Development is the ultimate in comfort and functionality.
We will create for you a luxury home that will exceed all your expectations. If you are just at the stage of buying land, then we will offer individual and correct solutions for planning the territory.
We offer luxury home design to clients from all over the world. Your home will be perfect for every family member. All projects comply with the latest technologies and global trends in design and architecture.
Our upscale luxury homes are exactly what you are looking for. The interior design of the house emphasizes the individuality and status of their owners. In addition, at the design stage, the interests of all members of your family are taken into account. Life in such a house will bring only joy and happiness, which in itself cannot be measured by any money. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the development of a project for a house, cottage or villa.
An individual house design project from Antonchanka Interior Development, led by a professional house designer Antonchanka Tatiana, is also a work with highly qualified architects, engineers, contractors and the client himself. As a result, real masterpieces appear. We will work on all the details and pay close attention to all your needs.
The main stages of house design:
Landscaping and location of all construction sites.
The choice of material for future construction
Floor plan
Plans of all premises of the house
Interior design of a house, cottage, villa
Sections and nodes
All communications plans
Floor plan drawings approval
3D visualization of the design of villas, houses, cottages
Creation of all structural and architectural drawings
Engineering design
A luxury home from Antonchanka Interior Development is the realization of the most cherished dreams of our esteemed clients about their own luxury home, which will be dedicated to the happiness of your family.
Your home, created from your wishes and ideas of the best designers and architects, will become the most beloved place in the world, where you will want to return again and again!
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