Dressing room design

Dressing room design by Antonchanka Interior Development is not just the convenience of storing your clothes, but also a great way to make the choice of clothes a comfortable ritual.
Combining functional storage systems, modern lighting and luxurious decor items, we create unique wardrobe designs that are in line with current trends.
What is a dressing room? This is a room (or niche) that allows you to store clothes and shoes. The walk-in closet offers the ability to individually store each item.
It's great if you can provide a separate room in the house or apartment for a dressing room. A linear layout will be ideal for this purpose - cabinets, shelves and drawers will be located on one of the walls.


Every year, the design of the dressing room becomes deeper and more versatile. In the dressing room, you can store not only clothes, but also bags, accessories and jewelry. Many dressing room design ideas developed by our leading interior designer Tatiana Antonchenko are characterized by unique solutions and elegant charm. The dressing room is becoming one of the favorite places in the home, where you can conveniently choose an outfit for any occasion in life.
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