Children's design

Every child's dream is his own room in an apartment, house or cottage, specially designed for his needs, desires and interests.
The dream of every parent is to create a comfortable space for their wonderful children. Our leading children's interior designer Antonchanka Tatiana knows how to create this cozy room.
This cozy and functional children's room should clearly reflect the child's favorite colors and other hobbies.
From a small cradle to maturity, the child is constantly developing, absorbing all the information that surrounds him. Therefore, the interiors of the nursery have a great impact on the physical and mental development of the child. This influences his personal qualities, increases interest and determines character, feelings, and also creates habits. The interior of the room plays a very important role in the development of the child.
The design is based on special rules as this is a unique room in its function. All furniture should be in harmony with each other, and most importantly, absolutely safe.
There are points to consider and use when creating unique designs for a nursery.
By contacting our company Antonchanka Interior Development, you get:
- the right style (depending on the gender and age of the child);
-Correctly selected elements of artificial lighting;
-Correctly selected finishing materials for the nursery (texture of the material, floors and colors);
-correctly selected furniture;
Also, we will definitely take into account all the wishes of the child and parents in order to create and realize the most incredible imagination and dream of an ideal luxurious child's room.

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