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Дизайн интерьера от Tatiana Antonchanka


Tatiana Antonchanka is one of the interior designers specializing in luxury interior design and historic building projects. With international experience in architectural and interior design, design / development and management of elite luxury residential projects and turnkey construction.

Many luxury interior designs are designed by wealthy and successful people. We work with business executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, royalty and prestigious people in all walks of life. For our clients we create houses, cottages, apartments, hotels, villas, estates, estates, palaces, castles and other luxury real estate projects.

We do design projects in different countries of the world, our geography is Belarus, Poland, France, Cote d'Azur, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Egypt, UAE, Dubai, USA online / offline.

When you work with top-notch designers, you can expect your project to exceed all your expectations. With a full range of professional interior design services from Tatiana Antonchanka, your project will be professionally implemented from start to finish. The design and implementation process is carried out with a leading interior designer, with the best architects, builders and contractors required to make your imagination a reality.

We work with the best factories, manufacturers and suppliers online / offline. We provide the organization of the purchase of furniture, decor, accessories, finishing materials, lighting and other interior and exterior elements from China, factories in Italy, Spain, Poland, France and other countries online / offline, which are trendsetters in interior fashion.

For our clients, we organize the selection and purchase of antiques and works of art at auctions, flea markets, antique salons, galleries. As well as ordering paintings and works of art from private artists, designers, restorers, artisans.

Thanks to our talents and our vast international resources, we are able to offer competitive prices using the best sources for everything you need to complete your project.

Ant Interior Development is made up of a team of talented and experienced professionals with one goal: "To exceed the client's expectations from the very beginning to the finest touches."

Tatiana Antonchanka

Антонченко Татьяна
Interior designer, architect, real estate developer, decorator, defectologist, author of books and publications, creator and director
of Ant Interior Development - rebranding of Art & Design Life with branches in Warsaw, London, Paris
design studio «3D Projeсt»
construction company «STROYA»
school «Art & Design Life school»
unique project «Astra Architect»
book author «Стили интерьера с Татьяной Антонченко»

Member of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM (Paris, France)
and the official representative of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM in Belarus.

Member of the European Association of Universities and Teachers
Higher School-HiSTES (Hamburg) with an operating center in Prague.

Member of the collective purchase of 3 Castles in France: Castle Ebaupinay, dating from the end of the 14th century,
Le château de la Mothe Chandeniers from the 13th century, located on the edge of the Loire Valley,
19th century Le château de Boulogne an hour from Paris.
I am a co-owner of the Castle, a shareholder of the company that owns the Castle.
(Being a shareholder, I get the right to participate in life and
project management, have the right to vote at general meetings and,
so take part in decision-making,
which will affect the future of the Castle. It also allows each shareholder to follow the progress of work, events, project proposals and build a real joint project).

Education in prestigious educational institutions in Paris, Poland, Czech Republic,
Belarus, diplomas for projects in various competitions in Belarus
and Europe, and inexhaustible dedication and love for their profession.

Detailed information about me You can see it in my story.
My instagram @asrraarchitect where more than 1M subscribers
and a lot of interesting things in the publications of the account and Stories.

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