Fee-development, when a developer is hired by a customer as a performer; in this case, the developer does not invest his own funds in the construction, he is responsible for the quality with his reputation.

Fee development is a company that works under an agreement with an investor and receives remuneration stipulated by the agreement for its organizational activities.

Fee-development is a direction that means that a company prepares a concept, chooses the most profitable financing scheme, develops and organizes a real estate project, and manages construction.

Within the framework of this direction, a set of works is performed:

- Choosing a development model and organizing projects for their turnkey implementation

- Creation of detailed programs, in accordance with the established budgets and deadlines for each project

- Design work

- Architectural and design concepts

- Developing a healthy surrounding landscape

- Support for a barrier-free environment

- Organization and development of all services for research, design, preparation and implementation of restoration work in historic buildings.

- Construction and repair work

- Project support and management

How much does a fee developer cost?

The order of payment for services depends on the initial agreements, the tasks set and the results of the development of the project. The fee-developer's remuneration can be formed in different ways. In most cases, this is a percentage of the total project budget. Depending on the functions assigned to the fee-developer, the remuneration under this scheme will be in%. When building a small object, when the absolute figure of remuneration, taken as a percentage, is small, the developer's remuneration can be designated as a fixed amount per month. There are also examples when a fee-developer works on the open book principle, that is, he presents the customer with actual overhead costs to be compensated and takes a fixed percentage from above in the form of profit.

Another possible option is that the management company receives a monthly remuneration in the form of a percentage of the budget plus promote. Promote is an additional bonus, namely, a share in the project, which arises from the developer after the key investor has received back the invested capital and income from the project. This scheme is beneficial to both parties: the investor can be confident in the quality and timing of the project, and the fee-developer understands that income directly depends on the efficiency of work.

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