One of the areas of activity is the remote work of an interior designer and developer of real estate projects abroad.
As an interior designer and developer of real estate projects, I can work on the project of your apartment, apartment, cottage, villa, hotel, restaurant remotely, even if you are in another country.
Remote work abroad is a frequent, well-established practice in my work with clients from other countries.
How does this happen?
Modern means of communication are of great importance: Email, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, telephone, fax, allowing to minimize costs, time and travel. Most importantly, my clients have nothing to worry about - I am always in touch, and you can contact me at any time.
Remote design work is structured as follows:
You make a request for the development of an architectural, project design, drawing up an individual program in accordance with the budget and terms in any way convenient for you.
Send a plan of your premises.
Tell us about your wishes.
I draw up a commercial offer for you with an indication of the total cost of work and send it by e-mail, providing the necessary advice on your questions.
If a preliminary agreement is reached, the parties sign the Agreement by exchanging a copy by e-mail.
The originals of the contracts are sent by mail.
After receiving the necessary initial data and transferring the prepayment, I start organizing and developing the project.
To organize an architectural, interior design project, I must have complete information about the purpose of residential real estate, the composition of the client's family, the age of family members, preferences and hobbies. Appointment of non-residential real estate, office, store, boutique, salon, gallery, hotel, hotel, restaurant, studio ... Correct and accurate initial measurement of the premises, the location of communications, pipes, protrusions, which side the windows face, etc. are of great importance in the design. ... All this data is provided to me by a client, or my person in your country, or I come to measure and get acquainted with the object. There is nothing secondary here, everything is very important. Thus, I must have complete information about the object, as if I were there physically.
At the stage of completion of each stage, I send the prepared drawings, sketches, calculations, proposals by e-mail to the client for approval and approval. Comments and corrections to the sent options can be formulated in writing or commented orally online.
After agreeing on all the stages and final calculations under the Agreement, I draw up and provide the client with a project in one copy in the form of a set of documentation (corporate, personalized album), designed to give the client a visual representation of the architectural, design solution, works and materials necessary for its implementation. The printed version of the project is sent by mail, duplicated by e-mail. Also files (jpeg) of interior visualization are sent by e-mail. As well as the act of acceptance and transfer of the work performed and other necessary documents and materials.
P.S .: The project is transferred directly to the client without the right to transfer or the right to sell this project to third parties. The project is the property of Tatiana Antonchenko, an interior designer, decorator, and real estate developer. All rights for the sale and processing of this project are the property of Tatiana Antonchanka - an interior designer, decorator, real estate developer.
I support all projects remotely throughout the entire duration of the project. I conduct consultations at any time convenient for you, using modern means of communication convenient for you - Email, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or phone.
In the process of work, I go live, control the process of project implementation. Also, the client or the client's trustee sends me intermediate photos, videos, and I have a complete idea of how exactly my project is being implemented.
What are the pros and cons for a client and a real estate developer of a real estate project with remote design? Are there risks?
I would say that remote project development has more disadvantages for the project organizer than for the client. A distance of even several thousand kilometers will not affect the final result for the client, it will be ideal - it will still turn out exactly what the client wants to see in his property.
The practical difficulty for me is that I have to constantly monitor the local market in every country and in every city, establish and maintain contact with the performers of repair and finishing works and other contractors.
Such remote work requires experience and special skills. It should be noted that a very important quality for a remote project organizer, interior designer is honesty and responsibility, the talent to convince, defend one's opinion, the ability to find a common language and negotiate with different people at a distance.
Remote work of an interior designer and developer of real estate projects abroad. Well-established practice with clients from other countries.

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