I, as the head of the company, develop and organize real estate projects. I work from concept to completion of the project!

My 15 years of experience allows me to provide you with high-quality, professional assistance in all areas related to the implementation of all types of work on a turnkey property!

My knowledge from practical activities, from studying in prestigious educational institutions of Belarus and Europe, constant development and participation in all innovative programs, I use for you with love and dedication to my work!

My management experience and impeccable reputation allows us to organize for you a full range of services from planning, development, design, design, development, consulting, maintenance, construction and repair, to project management and turnkey implementation.

Organization and development of all services for research, design, preparation and implementation of restoration work in historic buildings.

Creation of detailed programs, in accordance with the established budgets and deadlines for each project, in order to meet expectations and, importantly, their successful implementation.

Throughout professional history, a diverse set of partners has survived, including housing agencies, local and state governments, financial institutions, design bureaus, suppliers, construction companies, art workshops, and countless neighborhood organizations.

I strive for honest and friendly cooperation based on public / private partnerships, creative funding, preserving a healthy environment, supporting a barrier-free environment, preserving historical heritage.

The main task is to ensure that the needs of all customers are quickly satisfied, with minimal effort and in a timely manner.

+375 44 7484847 (Viber, Telegram,WhatsApp)
Minsk, Belarus
+48883888495 (Viber, Telegram,WhatsApp)
Polska, Warszawa
France, Nice, Paris

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