Real estate projects implementation, consulting is our main task.

In recent years, the rate of change in financial capabilities, legislation and the "rules of the game" in the implementation of real estate projects has significantly increased. We are attentive to the tasks and problems of clients, study all issues and provide quality advice. At the consultation stage, many questions of a financial, technical, legal, legal nature often arise, for the solution of which a deeper analysis of the Object and the collection of the necessary information is required.

The company offers to our consultations specialists in the field of real estate projects, expansion of business space, architecture, interior design, restoration of historic buildings, financial costs and much more. Our experience in development in the field of real estate projects for private, commercial use and the preservation of historic buildings allows us to provide our clients with a unique development service and organization of the entire process from concept to implementation of real estate projects.

- Architect consultation

- Interior designer consultation

- Consultation of the foreman for construction and repair work

- Consultation on redevelopment of apartments

- Consultation on all works in historic buildings

- Consultation on the development of a healthy environment and landscape

- Consultation on ensuring a barrier-free environment

- Consulting on the budget and timing of real estate projects

Real estate projects implementation, consulting, expansion of space for business, architecture, interior design, restoration of historic buildings - our work.

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