Small-scale architecture trends in garden and park and manor spaces.
Unique panels, frescoes, paintings, stoves, fireplaces.

Many thanks to the wonderful professional Vladimir Kirilovsky
for the provided photos of the works of Castles, Frescoes, Paintings and the necessary materials for information!
Home is an important part of our life! Here we are looking for solitude, tranquility, communication with loved ones and, of course, relaxation.

Having created comfortable living conditions for ourselves, we feel much better!

      And by bringing into your Home unique handmade products, works of art, individual, traditional attributes of your family, your Home, you raise the status of your Family, instill in your descendants a careful and reverent attitude towards the traditions and values of the Family.

      Our company cooperates with unique masters of their craft who are ready to offer you author's individual design solutions:

      We can provide development and implementation:
      small architecture
      park miniatures - making replicas of historical Castles, temples, palaces and fragments of entire ancient cities, historical architecture in landscape design
      various objects for decorating interiors and exteriors
      interior design of historic buildings
      panels and frescoes
      image of an individual family coat of arms, family coat of arms, personal coat of arms, corporate coat of arms here
      stucco and decor
      Each decision is a work of art and an opportunity to get exclusive handicraft, which will delight you every day!
      Unique technologies, high professionalism and an individual approach to each work will help to create an interior item that will not leave anyone indifferent.
      The idea of creating decorative Castles on the landscape is a worthy alternative to the trend that now dominates everywhere in garden and park and manor spaces.

      The specifics of the work include:
      decoration of country estates
      historic buildings
      private houses
      Individual works of authorship is a combination of creativity, understanding of all the nuances of the technological process, decorator skills and knowledge of history, ethnography, heraldry, geology, uniqueness and originality.
      The whole process is quite laborious and time-consuming. The creation of such a situation may take 3-4 weeks or more. Everything is created by hand!
      The materials and technologies used in the work may be different. As a rule: natural stone, brick, foam blocks, cement, gravel, various adhesive solutions, decorative plasters, stained glass windows, gilding, carving, frescoes, panels, dyes, varnishes and other accessories.
      All objects can be located on the territory all year round. Rain, snow and wind are not afraid of them. At the request of the Client, fragments of compositions can be glued completely and stand still, or they can be removable, collapsible and carried as needed at any time and place.
      The size of the object can also vary. Ideally, it is more advisable to start from 4-5 sq. m.
      It is possible to create and much larger and magnificent compositions.
      There are many important aspects in the formation of pricing - this is the question of the 3-D dimension of the object, the number of miniatures, the complexity and detail of painting and panels, individual style, traditional nuances.
      In each individual case, the total cost of production is discussed individually with the Client.
      You can, for example, just put some kind of castle or palace out of the blue or a ready-made site. Or you can pre-build some kind of water area: a pond, lake, lagoon, islands, etc. In this case, it is necessary to dig a pit, put a reinforcing mesh, pour concrete, lay out the walls of the reservoir and the upper parapet with stones, put a fountain, lights, etc. etc.
      There are a lot of nuances. All of them are discussed in great detail in each individual case.
      "We work for you, for your home and to preserve the traditions of your family and your clan!"
      Yours sincerely, Tatiana Antonchanka
      founder and head of the company

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      Many thanks to the wonderful professional Vladimir Kirilovsky
      for the provided photos of the works of Castles, Frescoes, Paintings and the necessary materials for information!
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