A review of the design work done can be written only when the repair is completed. I am writing late, but with all my heart.
I chose the designer for the finishing and complete decoration of the new apartment for a long time and very painstakingly. I wanted to find something that suits my family. The works of Tatiana Antonchenko immediately fascinated: delicate taste, moderation, excellent sense of style and luxury at the same time. In the course of our long-term cooperation, the confidence that we have chosen the best designer has only strengthened. In addition to professional qualities, I would like to note the personal qualities of Tatiana Antonchenko: a high level of responsibility, punctuality, optimism, a sense of humor and great love for her work. Special thanks for the implementation of high-quality architectural supervision, for consultations and just for every kind word!
As a result, we came to the house, which we sincerely consider the most beautiful and comfortable.
Yes, the work took a lot of time, but the work and cooperation with the entire team of Tatiana Antonchenko is a pleasure.
Tatiana's team not only carried out the selection of materials and calculation of the quantity, but also high-quality construction work. This is the most important thing - the contact between the customer and the performers, based on mutual understanding and trust!
Yes, I think it is important to say that Tatyana Antonchenko is still an excellent teacher - she turned my idea of design, bold interior solutions upside down, turned my world of colors upside down ...
From the moment we met, I received a diploma in interior decoration and is ready to share my knowledge and ideas with an open mind, as Tatiana does!
Thanks personally to Tatyana Antonchenko and everyone who worked on our project and its implementation!
Best regards, Victoria Beskostaya

Having bought an apartment in a new building, we immediately began to think about where to find a good designer. After reviewing a huge number of proposals from different sites, we settled on Tatiana Antonchenko. We phoned, agreed on the conditions, and after a couple of weeks Tatiana came to us 300 km away. from the city of Minsk.
After the first meeting, we were a little confused, because what we conceived ourselves was more like a "hodgepodge" of different styles. The most difficult thing turned out to be the change in my attitude to the classical style (it was Tatiana who advised to consider it as one of the options) - because the first thing we wanted to say was: "Not a classic!". Tatiana was able to correctly describe all the advantages of this style, and gradually we agreed.
Many thanks to Tatyana Antonchenko, that she was able to direct us in the right direction and explain that the classic interior can really be done beautifully, modernly, without any pathos, and with a clever approach of the designer - relatively budget.
We did not order 3D visualization, we decided to save some money. Since Tatyana herself went to all the firms with us and helped to choose finishing materials, as well as furniture for our interior, we presented the whole picture and so. Our family is very happy that we have chosen Tatiana Antonchenko, we are in the right hands. I never thought that such a kitchen, which only a man could design, would turn out to be a very beautiful dining room, in which it would be pleasant for me not only to cook, but also to spend time.
Tatyana, thank you very much for your ideas, patience and individual approach to each member of our family. It was very easy and pleasant for us to work with you. Good luck in your delicate and difficult task. Without a grain of doubt, we will advise you.
Best regards, Yankovich Victoria and Sergey
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To develop a project for an apartment on the street. Pervomaiskaya (Borovlyany) I chose Tatyana Aleksandrovna Antonchenko.
In the period from August 2012, a professional design project for the living room-kitchen was developed, which included all the necessary planning solutions, style solutions. Assistance was provided in the selection of furniture, household appliances, interior items, flooring and many other things that fully meet the requirements. I felt a competent approach to my work. It was pleasant and easy to work and communicate with Tatiana, all the client's wishes were taken into account.
All contractual deadlines have been met. Skillful management and organization of the renovation process was also noted.
During the work of Antonchenko Tatiana has established herself as a reliable designer, distinguished by the high quality and professionalism of her work, a responsible attitude to her contractual and warranty obligations.
I will recommend Tatyana Aleksandrovna Antonchenko as a high-level professional.
Ryzhova T.V.
To develop a design project for an apartment on the street. Pionerskaya (Drozdy) in Minsk, as a result of the choice according to objective parameters, the interior designer Tatyana Aleksandrovna Antonchenko was chosen.
In the period from May to August 2012, a professional design project for the apartment was developed, which included all the necessary solutions. We also selected all the necessary finishing materials, plumbing and electrical equipment, furniture, household appliances, interior items that fully meet the requirements and are identical to the images on 3D visualization.
During construction and repair work for the implementation of the project, field supervision was carried out under the leadership of Tatyana Antonchenko: full support of the construction process, selection, ordering, control of delivery and installation of all necessary interior elements (furniture, finishing materials, equipment, etc.). All the contractual deadlines were met, the skilful management and organization of the construction and repair process were noted.
Antonchenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna also provided consulting support in the design of objects of a large company. During her work, Tatyana Antonchenko has established herself as a reliable partner, distinguished by the high quality and professionalism of her work, a responsible attitude to her contractual and warranty obligations.
I would like to recommend Tatyana Aleksandrovna Antonchenko as a reliable partner and a high-level professional.
Medvedeva Tatiana Evgenievna
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