Why don't I create loft-style interiors?

Loft is a fairly modern style that has been gaining popularity lately. Its slogan is "Fresh air and no partitions." This is a style for creative, modern and free-spirited people. By its nature, it is very similar to minimalism, but it gives a person a wider scope for imagination, ideas and plans. This is probably why many people choose it for themselves.
Many people who strive to get this space, air and height.
But, what about a regular socket? Okay, even in spacious apartments under 100 square meters, but with a ceiling height of up to 3 meters and an external facade of the house that does not correspond to the #loft style?

These are the main reasons that do not allow me to sculpt, what is now universally called by all interior designers - Loft.
Styling is an innocent deception. Where you make your imagination a reality in the right environment.
Creating a loft style in regular apartments is a big trick.

A true industrial Loft is another matter!
The word #loft itself has a foreign origin and literally translates from English as "attic", "apartment upstairs". The idea of using abandoned factories, warehouses, workshops and manufactories for housing is not new, its roots stretch back to the 40s and have American origins.
In America, in the 40s, production began to move outside the cities, so vacated warehouses, abandoned factories, workshops began to be equipped for living quarters. Most often, such premises were occupied by people of creative professions, where they spent not only their personal time, but also their exhibitions and presentations. When the rent increased, these premises began to be occupied by richer people: businessmen, politicians, bankers. And they brought new details, expensive furniture, decor and equipment to the interior. It was from this time that the loft began to firmly enter into fashion in the interior.

High ceilings, large windows and almost no partitions complement spacious interiors and encourage creativity. Inspiration with industrial spaces can be seen in a color scheme dominated by cool, sterile colors, bare brick, metal, and decor.
These are gray, brick, metallic, graphite colors that dominate the walls in such rooms. Even the floors are untreated stone or parquet, which are covered with the appropriate colors of the wood, concrete is a great addition to the whole.
To complete the illusion of space, industrial-style furniture and decorations will help. Stylish accessories such as gears, exposed cables or images and graphics will also help create the desired ambiance, but we must remember to maintain moderation even in the former factory premises.

Therefore, I do not create a Loft-style interior in apartments, apartments and houses that do not meet the criteria and parameters necessary for the high-quality implementation of a Loft-style design project.
The loft is suitable for people without complexes, who can express their feelings and desires without imitation, who love space and freedom of movement.

Yours sincerely, Tatiana Antonchanka
Thanks to me and the sources for the information!
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