Interior design of an apartment - studio

The studio layout of the apartment opens up great opportunities for creating an interesting interior. But, starting to create the interior design of a studio apartment, you need to be puzzled by the unification of interior items. Indeed, in one space there will be rooms that are different in their functionality! Moreover, you will have to realize the need to clean out of sight of things that are not being used at the moment: a studio apartment requires maintaining order in it. But how! After all, unwashed dishes will absolutely not be in harmony with the original wall panel ...
In addition to the unification of furniture, you will also have to work on the compatibility of various wall and floor coverings. The interior design of a studio apartment always implies that the viewer will inspect the room by segment. Well, for example, the inspection algorithm can be as follows: an apron - a bar counter - decor on the ceiling - a dining table - tiles on the floor and so on. It means that these visual zones need to somehow overlap with each other.
As a snack, I will mention one more thing - the color palette should simultaneously combine the rooms into one, create a certain common background, and separate them so that your guest, on a subconscious level, finds differences in the zones. That is why the interior design of a studio apartment makes extensive use of accent spots. Of course, pieces of decor used in one place of the studio should have a logical continuation in another place.

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