Interior design trends 2019.

Check out how we will arrange the interiors in 2019.
Do you have an apartment, house, or maybe you just decided to make a change in the interior design?
Enjoy decorator ideas and the latest trends. From Milan to New York, via Singapore, Stockholm and Warsaw. We have chosen from the latest and constantly updated trends - this is a selection of the most interesting trends in interior design 2019. Decide which one suits you best!

Step one: choosing colors
Both on the runways of the world's fashion weeks and in the interiors, we notice completely new pastel colors. As the name given to them, they recall summer walks and favorite ice cream parlors. A perfect example of their harmonious use is the cream color palettes, inspired by the original decor of the nineteenth century, broken with luscious accents.

In addition to vanilla, pistachio and strawberry pastel shades, we admire strong palettes - earthy colors: chocolate, brown and beige, dark green and sage. In this juxtaposition, it's hard to miss coral, red and burgundy.

Wood, leather or marble?
Wood, leather, precious stones. Natural materials invariably remain a companion to good design, but designers still shed new light on their use. These three materials were mentioned in an interview with Square Rooms magazine by Gabriel Tan, designer of the Japanese brand Ariake. A common background for furniture - walls without finishing - raw concrete also appears in projects.

The passage of time only adds character to noble, natural materials and enriches the decor with furniture and vintage decorations - this is a chance to create unique interiors in order to stay in harmony with the care of the environment.

Excellent connections
The secret is ... connections! Jewelry combines minimalism and ease of use with originality of colors. Unusual walls are accompanied by soft comfortable sofas, classic ornamentation permeates the modernist furniture.

Gold accessories and ornaments are often a good addition to the decor.

Geometry in space
In addition to geometric shapes, organic, irregular shapes and rounded soft edges appear.
Round mirrors, oval coffee tables, sofas and rounded back chairs are perfect for the living room.

Returns to the past
In both fashion and design, we constantly draw from the past. The bold combinations of colors and shapes that we admire, among others, in the interior are reminiscent of the 80s and the designs of the iconic Memphis group. Leather armchairs and leather sofas seem to take us back to the 1970s.

2019 won't be boring in interior design.

Sincerely yours, Tatiana Antonchenko
Thanks to me and the sources for the information!
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