Interior Design.

Interior design is the same project as other projects in our life.
According to Dr. Robert K. Vysotsky
"To start talking about projects, we must have a starting point. Too often people refer to their tasks as "projects." The project can be strictly defined. If the set of tasks or the execution of work does not meet this definition, then we cannot talk about the project "(Dr. Robert K. Vysotsky p.47" Effective project management: traditional, flexible, extreme "2013).
According to Dr. Robert K. Vysotsky,
"A project is a sequence of unique, complex and related tasks with a common goal, which must be completed within a given time frame, without exceeding the established budget, in accordance with the anticipated requirements"
(Dr. Robert K. Vysotsk, p. 48 "Effective Project Management: Traditional, Flexible, Extreme" 2013).


From the personal experience of our company
Because, first of all, we want the implementation to fully meet the client's expectations, we always start with detailed consultations. During these conversations, our architects will learn about your favorite materials, colors, styles and lifestyles. We believe that a complete understanding of the client's vision will lead to the best possible results. We want our clients to provide us with our idea and vision, which we then put into practice. This applies not only to aesthetic, but also functional problems - the interior designer creates a scheme in order to serve his user as fully as possible. During the consultation, he also presents a series of illustrative realizations to help visualize the room.
Then it's time for a local vision that allows you to get a complete overview of the rooms, which is then processed by our architect and interior designer.
At this stage, we present you with the layout of the rooms that we have developed together with me and the interior designer assigned to this project. This is the perfect moment to make various changes to the created plan, because we still have the opportunity to change the location of the partitions. In this step, we'll show you what a functional interior design looks like.
It's time for the design concept, which we present in the form of 3D renderings and flat representations at a scale of 1:25. As well as various 3D tours, 3D panoramas, virtual VR interior design with augmented reality glasses. In addition to the layout itself, we also create absolutely everything necessary for the design to lead to the best results.
After this concept, it was time for the architect-designer to create the technical design. Working at this stage, we transfer to the Client such documents as a plan of construction changes, additional elements in power supply and water supply systems, arrangement of furniture for planning solutions in A3 format. For complete project design packages, the technical part is transferred in the form of an A3 album containing the most important drawings at a scale of 1: 100 and renderings of 1:25. You can also email it to a pdf file.

Interior Design Antonchanka Interior Development is an interior design studio founded by Tatiana Antonchanka in Minsk.

We have been engaged in interior design for 14 years - we have implemented several hundred original design projects in different styles of interior design, gaining knowledge based on our own observations and the experience of our clients. And is there anything better than the experience gained through practice?
We provide interior design services mainly in Minsk and the Minsk region, but our specialists are open to the implementation of orders throughout Belarus. Our activities also include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, France, Cote d'Azur, Monaco, Ukraine, Russia, UAE, USA.
Therefore, we have international experience in the design of apartments, houses, cottages, villas, apartments, hotels, restaurants, yachts, residences, estates and other historic buildings.
We can safely act as experts, they listen to our recommendations, because our passion and the meaning of our work is a high-quality and harmonious interior. Years of practice allowed us to liquidate contractors whose work did not meet our expectations and the needs of our clients. That is why I only communicate with the best construction contractors who specialize in finishing works and furniture carpenters who produce custom-made furniture, as well as various suppliers of equipment and interior items. They can also work for you at any time.
What is the first thing to pay attention to when drawing up the interior design of an apartment, house, living room, kitchen, room or any other room?
There are many details to consider. All design projects must be prepared very carefully.
To be honest, I have repeatedly heard statements from various foreign performers that they have not seen more elaborate sketches and all the components of the interior design project provided by our company. And so it is!
Therefore, with confidence and expert judgment, interior design is recommended to pay attention to:
content of precisely thought-out information on the location of building elements
electrical points and outlets of plumbing components
ergonomic indicators
comments on the interior design process
finishing materials
and even the smallest jewelry
And also an important issue can be the implementation of interior design and renovation of an apartment or house.
You need to choose who will be able to carry out a turnkey apartment renovation? How will the whole process be organized? Wouldn't it be necessary to pay extra for the participation of various third-party companies? Or is it better to contact one company for a turnkey interior design?
When you think about all these questions, you will find the answer itself.

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Interior design by Antonchanka Interior Development
distinguished by outstanding aesthetic qualities:

What is the uniqueness of our company?
We create an elegant, perfect composition, harmonious and comfortable interiors in which staying is a pleasure. When designing contemporary interior design, we draw on a rich history of architecture and design created by design classics.
We care about classic, minimalist, industrial, loft, glamorous, vintage interiors. And we skillfully mix all these interior styles.
We constantly observe the latest interior design trends and seek global design inspiration.
We use unique ideas, the best designs and original products in our events to create a new quality of space.
We combine shapes and styles to create sophisticated, timeless luxury interior designs that will meet the needs of the most discerning clientele.
We combine excellent forms and unique design with functionality - we think about convenience and comfort of use, therefore we offer the highest quality materials and innovative technical solutions.
We provide full commitment to the work on the project, as well as support and assistance during its implementation.
We are available to you every day from 10.00 to 19:00 by phone and in all messengers and by e-mail.
We offer our clients an innovative solution - virtual VR interior design by the link.
We offer our clients an innovative solution - an online zone, where we provide the services of an online assistant using a link.
We carry out excellent projects of modern homes, designer apartments, elegant apartments and luxury residences with pool and home spa, yacht interiors. Photo interior design in our portfolio also includes the professional organization of interiors of historic buildings, as well as complex projects for hotels, restaurants, cafes and resorts.

Interior Design

I wish you joy in contemplating the surrounding interior!

Sincerely yours, Tatiana Antonchenko
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