What lies in the concept of your own, the best designer Minsk?

Hi, today I invite you to write about the choice of a designer. To pay attention to what to ask for? And I am writing to you from the experience of my clients, unfortunately, not very positive ones, when I had to redo the work of other interior designers in Minsk. Let this guide act as a warning to you before you make some mistakes.
Many people think that finding a designer is a breeze. We ask, we look on the internet and have a few meetings, and he will arrange everything, we don't have to worry about anything. However, life quickly confirms the opposite.
Having decided to build a house, most of us have no idea where to start, where to go, what to do. Let's assume that you already have a plot that is in service. At this time, you can start doing your first paperwork and look back at the dream project that suits your storyline.
There are many projects on the Internet, if we want to buy a ready-made project, it may be easier because it only needs to be found.
But, as a rule, we type Minsk designer in a search engine, and here the real work of choosing an interior designer begins.

And how to choose a good interior designer in Minsk?

· First of all, if we have such an opportunity, let's ask friends, families, I know America here, I won't open it, it's obvious, but not for everyone. Human recommendations are the best choice in most cases.
· Let's ask for a portfolio, let's see what style this designer has. When we're not entirely sure what our home looks like, such a portfolio can help us decide if this person can create something special for us.
· If we get the chance, let's look at the effect of this interior designer's work, let's ask former clients how they mention the collaboration. Let me ask you if there were any mistakes during the design, construction of the building.
· We will sign the contract! This is very important, in case of any claims, we have some evidence. Keep the contract very detailed. The next stages of work should be marked with a completion date. A good designer in Minsk knows how long it will take to complete a design project. The more detailed the better.
· Let's choose the best interior designer from his city, his territory, especially when he organizes all the formalities for us, because he knows the local offices and can quickly organize the documents. Such a designer will know the specifics of this region. In case of possible problems, it will appear faster in place.
· Let's do some kind of interview with a future interior designer. Let's think about what we want to ask. Let's write down the questions so that nothing escapes our attention. Through this conversation, we will have an initial picture of future cooperation. We will be able to assess the state of knowledge and experience of the architect, as well as his approach to the client.
· Once we make a choice, let us be firm and decisive. Whenever we don't like something, let's talk about it openly, let's not deceive each other with beautiful words.
In my opinion, this will be enough. Maybe you have some tips? What are your impressions of the designers in Minsk?
I wish you all the best in choosing not only a Minsk designer, but also construction companies and other specialists, this is not an easy task, but possible.
To be honest, choose your designer! Understand the main thing - the design project of the house is not a means of self-expression for you or the designer, but your joint creativity with him.
And I wish you to make up your mind to create that ideal house that you have always dreamed of, to bring to life the "object of desire", which, perhaps, has lived in your mind for many years without finding a way out.
And one day you will open the door of your house, enter, look around, smile with satisfaction (or maybe sigh with satisfaction) and think to yourself: "At last I am Home ..."

Yours sincerely, Tatiana Antonchanka
Thanks to me and the sources for the information!

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