So classic interior design or?

So classic interior design or?

Many people ask this question when choosing an interior design for their apartment or house. What to advise?

Choose a classic interior design for yourself - your classic. What is familiar to you. Maybe you like minimalism and it will be a classic for you!

Choose something close in spirit! You live in the interior, you meet every morning with your home.

Yes, and a classic interior is a very loose concept. How many classic styles do you know? I'm about fifteen from antique to Art Deco.

What is interior design in modern classics? Any style with elements of classic decor can be here! Now it is very fashionable to combine the incongruous and call it fusion or eclecticism. And then remove the classic chandelier from the minimalist interior and enjoy the high-tech style again.

You know, a competent and creative interior designer will definitely come up with just such an interior, yours, according to your notes of your perception of this world and a sense of comfort. Therefore, choose your designer and he will definitely understand your imagination and create wonderful classics for you!

Sincerely yours, Tatiana Antonchenko
Thanks to me and the sources for the information!

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