Secrets of castles. The most beautiful castles from around the world - almost like a fairy tale!

Who knows what secrets are hidden behind the walls of the most impressive castles, palaces and mansions in the world? The secrets of the castles take viewers into the interior of these wonderful buildings to learn unusual and sometimes incredible stories about the people who once lived in them.

Do you want to feel like in a fairy tale, or in the old days and visit a magnificent castle? Check out these are the most beautiful castles in the world.

It is interesting that among them there are castles in Poland, which is somewhat closer near our country, so it is easy to organize a trip to this place. Get inspired!

1. Neuschwanstein - Germany

Ah, the winter landscape - it looks like a real fairy tale. The only thing missing is the prince and the princess :)

2. Corvin Castle, also known as the Castle in Hunedoara - Romania

A beautiful medieval castle - isn't it?

3. Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel - France

A beautiful place that is like an island surrounded by water ...

4. Hohenzollern Castle - Germany

It is currently the third castle on this site, rebuilt in the 19th century, although it was originally created in 11. This is the first, in a significant part of which the chapels of St. Michael.

Nest 5. Swallow - Crimea

The brick castle is the second in this place. The first - a small wooden castle aptly named "Castle of Love".

6. Castle Colomares - Spain

Built in the early twentieth century. As a tribute to Christopher Columbus in honor of the discovery of America. A mixture of different styles: Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic. Certainly worth a look!

7. Castle Liechtenstein - Germany

Fairytale castle in Württemberg. A marvelous 19th century castle built on the site of Honau.

8. Castle Ruins at Loch Key, Boyle - Ireland

The beautiful castle is located on a small Irish island.

9. Stalker Castle, Scotland - UK

Stalker Castle is a well-preserved residential building. Located on a small island in Scotland. Its construction dates back to around the fifteenth century.

10. Rock Cashel - Ireland

As it happens in Ireland - legends say that the castle was built from the stone of St. Patrick. Perhaps founded in the 4th century, it was the center of the Druids. St. Patrick baptized King Angus here and found clover, which is how he explained the idea of the Holy Trinity, and clover also became the unofficial symbol of Ireland.

Castle 11. Prague - Czech Republic

It was founded in the ninth century. Former residence of Czech kings. A must for visitors to Prague!

12. Moszna Castle - Poland

Did you know that Poland also has one of the most beautiful and probably the most famous castles in the world? This is one of the most interesting places in Poland and worth a visit. This is, of course, a reconstruction, because the original Baroque palace in 1896 was partially burned down. A castle with 365 rooms and 99 towers!

13. Imperial Cochem Castle - Germany

The first mention of the castle is from the twelfth century, but was destroyed in the seventeenth century. Only in the 19th century. It was rebuilt in the neo-gothic style.

14. Windsor Castle - United Kingdom

Built in the eleventh century. Residence of the English kings. The largest inhabited castle in the world. It is up to 800 meters long.

15. Hochosterwitz Castle - Austria

The Austrian castle is considered one of the most impressive in the world. Built on a dolomite rock. Visibility from the castle tower dates back to about 30 kilometers. A characteristic feature is the 620 meters of road leading through the defense gate! The fortress was never captured. There is also a second way to get to the castle, called "the fools' way", but because of the high risk of danger it is closed to visitors.

16. Chenonceau Castle - France

The famous "Lady's Castle", owned by six women, who built it gradually over a long period of time.

17. Bran Castle - Romania

Currently, the castle houses a history museum.

18. Bojnice Castle - Slovakia

The romantic castle has retained its original Gothic and Renaissance features.

19.Kilchurn Castle, Castle Awe, Scotland - Britain

Back in the 15th century, the castle was badly damaged. Surrounded by water, which is a big problem to get to it.

20. Peles Palace - Romania

The former summer residence of the kings of Romania, now a museum. Built in the nineteenth century.

21. Orava Castle - Slovakia

One of the most beautiful castles of Slovak castles, located only 40 km. from the Polish border.

22. Gwrych Castle, Wales - United Kingdom

Historic 19th century castle. During World War II it was home to Jewish refugees.

23. Trakai Castle - Lithuania

Built in the XIV century. It was probably built in the Gothic style in which it was rebuilt. Various renovations over the centuries have brought different styles, such as the Renaissance.

24. Alcazar in Segovia - Spain

A defensive structure built in an old town in Spain.

25. Mir Castle - Belarus

Mir Castle is a stone building, the main part of which was erected in the 16-18 centuries in the immediate vicinity of the town of Mir.
An architectural monument, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000. Until 1568 the owners were the Ilyinichs, then the Radziwills until 1828, the Wittgensteins until 1891. The last owners of the castle were Svyatopolk-Mirskys until 1939, after which the castle became state property. The castle has recently been completely restored.

26. Castle in Malbork - Poland

Built in the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries for the right of the knights. In subsequent years, the seat of the Polish kings. Over the years, it was devastated, demolished, then passed into the hands of the Prussian religious society. Used by the Germans during World War II. The castle was rebuilt after 1945.

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