Avant-garde style in the interior.

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The book "Interior Styles with Tatiana Antonchenko" is a large encyclopedia of interior and architectural styles.

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The rebellious avant-garde style emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries - a period of turbulence for the youth of that time, due to global revolutionary sentiments. The rebellious spirit gave rise to a revolution in the foundations of art, and a contrasting game with form and color began, the creation of unnatural cosmic images, the denial of everything natural and natural. So forget about all the unbreakable design rules.

The style is exactly the opposite of the classic one. The avant-garde style of the interior will appeal to a person with original taste and out-of-the-box thinking, who prefers freedom and independence in everything.

The vanguard is a bold experiment, but despite the general chaos, everything is, nevertheless, in its place.

The main characteristic of the avant-garde style in the interior is color. The color scheme of the avant-garde is pure not mixed colors: black, white, yellow, red, green, blue; in the same room, you can apply several colors at once to create contrast. You can mix, match, combine any paint you want. In general, contrast is one of the main features that characterize the avant-garde style. It should be noted that completely incompatible objects and materials can be combined in this style.

Crazy (but not vulgar) mixing of colors, textures, materials, shapes is the basis of the avant-garde, the style of daring and freedom-loving experimenters. A style in which the combination of incongruities creates a new aesthetics of the interior.

Avant-garde is an original and vibrant trend that has made a breakthrough not only in painting and sculpture, but also in interior design.

We have already figured out that everything new and ultra-modern is the prerogative of the avant-garde, but here's how to find a place for this interesting style in a residential interior and how to apply the avant-garde style in your interior?

Almost any materials can be used in the interior decoration in the avant-garde style, however, preference is given to modern, latest finishing materials. For example, decorative plasters, metallized wallpaper, suspended ceilings, new paints and varnishes, and laminated coverings are widely used.
Arm yourself with brushes, paints and paint. The walls are painted in bright colors. The black wall is opposite the white one, the white one is opposite the black one. Accordingly, a black armchair against a white wall and a lamp with a light shade against the black wall, or all four walls of different colors: yellow, orange, red and cherry. The color of the walls should contrast with the color of the ceiling and floor. The floor can be painted with plain bright paint.

Avant-garde furniture fully reflects the fans of this trend in art: it is original, full of energy and interesting details, but at the same time, it is restrained enough to perform the necessary functions.
Actually, furniture can be of any shape: it is not surprising to find a sofa, one half of which will be square and the other half round, because playing with the shape is what the whole avant-garde is based on. Furniture sets, such as a sofa and two chairs, will not work here. Every detail must be original. Furniture made of plastic, glass and even metal in bright colors is ideal. Accessories in the avant-garde style can be large, unusual and even unexpected things of strict geometric shapes. Paintings made by representatives of Cubism. Rugs with cubic patterns. Unusual lamps and chandeliers of cube shapes and bright colors, various plastic or glass vases of correct geometric proportions, mirrors in rectangular frames, unusual dishes of bright colors.

When choosing textiles for your home, try not to detail. For example, avant-garde curtains should contrast in color with the walls, and the material should have a simple texture.

Avant-garde bathroom. An exciting mix of shapes and colors. The colors of the ceramic tiles are flashy in the foregrounds. A wild experimental mix of materials (like metal and wood on the ceiling, bare monolith for the floor).

Glass as a structural element (glass partitions, glass shelves), technical details as visible design elements throughout the interior.

Lighting in unexpected places, individual points of light that catch the eye.

No settings regarding color, material, etc., anything is possible.

The Vanguard style suits extraordinary people who are not afraid of bold experiments and unexpected decisions.

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The continuation of the review on interior styles follows ...

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