Architectural supervision and supervision of the foreman. Comprehensive project support. Organization of construction supervision, repairs, supervision at historical real estate objects.

Author's supervision.

Designer supervision includes:

-Selection, ordering, control of delivery and installation of all necessary interior elements (furniture, finishing materials, equipment);

-Control of the compliance of the purchased materials, interior items and furniture with the developed architectural, design project (color solution, texture, form);

-Providing all the necessary initial data (volumes, dimensions, drawings) when choosing and ordering finishing materials, pieces of furniture and equipment;

-Regular visits of the designer, architect to the object, to the salons, shops in order to advise on the purchase of any interior elements;

-Consulting the client and his representatives by phone on the project;

- Implementation of constant control over the implementation of the architectural, project design at the facility;

-Making necessary adjustments in the working drawings that have arisen after dismantling old and erecting new partitions, leveling floors, walls and ceilings;

-Предоставление дополнительных проектных материалов (чертежей, разверток, разрезов) необходимых для реализации проекта, по требованию строительной бригады;

-Consulting builders, finishers on all design materials, selected equipment, furniture.

plumbing, lighting, etc., their purchase and delivery to the site (on behalf of and on behalf of the client).

Technical Supervision. Superintendent services.

Quality control of construction and repair work, assistance in solving engineering problems.

The main tasks of the superintendent's supervision are control by our experts during the entire period of your construction and repairs over the observance of the technologies of the work performed, the requirements of regulatory documents, the rigorous implementation of design and project solutions.
Прораб оперативно решает возникающие проблемы, внося необходимые изменения в документацию, контролирует и обеспечивает своевременное исправление случайно возникших недочетов и ошибок требованием строгого соблюдения нормативов и технологий.

Supervision is necessary for many reasons, the most important of which are:

Security is one of the most important characteristics of high-quality modern housing.
Quality control of work and compliance with technologies ensures the reliability, strength and durability of structures and engineering systems.
Many construction work is carried out in several stages and although the result is visible only at the end, it largely depends on the quality of the work hidden by subsequent stages.
Control and examination of such works is carried out by supervision specialists.
Interesting non-standard architectural, design projects often contain complex technical solutions that require clarification precisely at the stage of finishing and renovating apartments.
Elite architectural and design projects, which are the majority in our practice, often involve the use of new technologies, materials, installation of complex engineering systems.
Supervision specialists advise finishers, bring to their attention the peculiarities of the technology of such works.
Timely control of construction and repair processes is much more efficient and cheaper than correcting mistakes that have already been made.
Therefore, supervision is also a way to avoid unnecessary expenses.
The foreman controls the order and delivery of finishing materials to the site.
The foreman controls not only the quality, but also the volume of work performed, which allows the completion of the object on time.
Architectural supervision and supervision of the foreman. Our task is your confidence in the quality of construction or repair, in the validity of your costs.

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