Modern style in the interior.

An article from the Book "Interior Styles with Tatiana Antonchenko" - a large encyclopedia of interior and architectural styles.


Book "Styles of interior with Tatiana Antonchenko"

The book "Interior Styles with Tatiana Antonchenko" is a large encyclopedia of interior and architectural styles.

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Modern (England, Russia)

Jugendstil (Germany)

Secession (Austria)

Liberty (Italy)

Art Nouveau (France)

Glasgow Style (Scotland)

Modernismo (Spain)

Nieuwe Kunst

Style sapin - spruce style (Switzerland)

Tiffany (USA)

Late 19th - early 20th century.

Many people today confuse Art Nouveau with Modernism. Even interior designers sometimes mistakenly believe that modern is a fusion of modern materials and functionality, something reminiscent of a fusion of hi-tech with minimalism and classic style.

But this is not entirely true. It is the use of the fundamental principles of Art Nouveau in interior design that is the correct understanding of this style.

Modern has introduced fundamentally new decorative elements into the interior design, giving them preference over constructive ones. The creators of this style brought into it all the best achievements of the past and the most refined and refined ideas of their time.

Art Nouveau is characterized by plant motifs, twisting lines, flexible forms. How wriggling and flexible forms - remember the creations of Gaudí. Of course, there are a lot of representatives in art, design, architecture of this style, but Gaudi's Casa Batlló is known to everyone, so an understanding of the style comes immediately.

Ornament from a certain type of plants with sinuous shapes (irises, lilies, orchids, cyclamens, magnolias, bells, water lilies, aquatic plants), wavy wavy, unevenly curved line, smooth wave line; the image of fabulous creatures: mermaids, elves, birds (swan, stork, peacock), as well as flames, fluttering hair.

Stained-glass windows on windows and doors in the Tiffany style, graceful forged railings and bars, painted glass, mosaics, tapestries - copies of paintings; painting of walls and ceilings, light stucco molding, friezes.

The colors are dim, muted, better than half tones. Light green, gray-blue, olive, fawn, pale pink, light turquoise, pearl gray, shades of lilac. As well as rich gold and ocher, a muted shimmer of silver and mother-of-pearl.

Furniture with curved legs of a rounded smooth shape with inlays of bent unlacquered wood, upholstery in light monochromatic or plant-patterned fabrics.

Chandeliers and lamps imitating a plant with drop-down buds; Venetian glass, crystal.

All kinds of vases, porcelain, ceramics are used from the decor. Mirrors, tapestries, paintings, boxes, candlesticks, colored glass bottles, carved screens, bronze figurines.

For the bathroom, calm light tones of gray-blue and pearl gray shades are well suited.

For the decoration of the walls in the Art Nouveau style, mainly ceramic tiles are used. The main thing is that beautiful textured ornaments with curved geometry and bizarre bends appear on the walls.
Bathroom tiles can also be floral. Such tiles will perfectly fit into the interior of this style.

In the interior, you can arrange a beautiful floor with a pattern in the form of curved lines or floral designs. The floor can be self-leveling, tiled with mosaics, floor tiles or natural stone.

A mirror used in an Art Nouveau interior should also not have right angles. It is advisable to place it in an asymmetrical frame.

On the ceiling, stucco elements, as well as the image of flowers and plant leaves, will be very appropriate.

Most people with good taste and a rich imagination like to embellish the interior of their home in some special way. And if you are one of these people, but you do not like the cool colors of the hi-tech style or the strict features of the classic style, then you should definitely like the modern style.

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