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An article from the Book "Interior Styles with Tatiana Antonchenko" - a large encyclopedia of interior and architectural styles.

Book "Styles of interior with Tatiana Antonchenko"

The book "Interior Styles with Tatiana Antonchenko" is a large encyclopedia of interior and architectural styles.

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Antonchanka Tatiana
Any architectural journey and any survey of architectural and interior styles must start with the antique style.

The architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome, originated on the islands of the Aegean Sea.

The era of the beginning of classical styles in the understanding of modern man.
And I will begin my story with the winged expression of the Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, who lived at the end of the 6th - beginning of the 5th centuries BC. e.
"Everything flows, everything changes"
Heraclitus says that everything moves and nothing stands still, and, likening existence to the current of a river, adds that it is impossible to enter the same river twice. "
Many people interpret this in such a way that if it did not work out once, then there is no need to try the second time.

And if you think about it?

No matter how many times you try to do something, each next time it will be completely new, inimitable, unique, but the place, the foundation remains the same, the shores are the same, and the water, the idea, the creative thought is different.
This is the case in historical, classical styles of interior and architecture. We recreate our imagination, unique vision, creative thoughts on the basis of an already existing unshakable foundation of history.

And in my book I will try to give you, my dear readers, this very foundation, the foundation on which you can create your unique and inimitable interiors - your own style.

A brief description of the antique style in a nutshell.

Harmony, integrity. Separation of utility and beauty functions.

Columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders are used, as well as sculptural portraits of heroes of mythology, reliefs and bas-reliefs on stone slabs.

Style colors: white, brown, terracotta, bronze, gold, natural stone color.

Any historical, classic style of the interior does not tolerate falsehood. To create the atmosphere of the selected historical period in the interior, it is not enough to assemble the appropriate furniture. Historic styles also require appropriate finishes on large surfaces, floors and walls, and a few important details.

The secret of a good lie is supposed to be in the details. The design of historic interiors is an innocent lie - undoubtedly based on attention to detail.

The combination of expensive finishing materials with the general consistency of style in the furnishings are the main features that characterize the antique style today.

Various columns, stone, porticoes, stucco moldings, ornaments - all these are attributes of the antique style in the interior. Mosaic on the floor and walls.

Sometimes even the ceiling can be laid out with small tiles, but so that an antique pattern is created there. You can use the coffered version, that is, stretch the canvas with photo printing or hand-painted. And also caissons can be mounted from gypsum plasterboard and trimmed with stucco. There are many options.

Picturesque paintings on the walls and ceiling. Embossed drawing on vases, chests. The ornament uses both geometric and wavy lines, as well as spiral and swirling elements.

Furniture finished in gold, bronze with soft upholstery. The chairs are simple and served as a form for subsequent style forms. Low trapezoidal dining tables on three legs in the form of animal paws.

The times of antiquity are reflected in modern design projects.

An antique-style bathroom impresses with its grace, severity and luxury, therefore, not an area of 2-3 square meters is allocated for it, but a rather large space of 30 squares or more. This style is characterized by strict geometric shapes, brightness and refined simplicity, tinted with the color of the stone.

The main thing for antique baths is calmness, because the ancient Romans and Greeks performed whole rituals of ablutions, and so traditional that some forms even had their own taboo.

Antique theme in a small bathroom.

Unfortunately, modern apartments provide you with only a tiny bathroom, where you won't be able to make a full renovation in the antique style, but some elements can still be added there, for example, make a countertop under the washbasin or "stick" a couple of columns on the sides of the bowl itself.

But even a light accent is quite appropriate if you can buy the appropriate facing tiles and water taps for antiquity. The toilet in the bathroom can be bought in the ancient Greek style or resembling a marble statue. This is also a touch of Antiquity.
For such a bathroom, only expensive accessories are bought in the form of embossed vases and small statues.

The sink is decorated with an exquisite hand-made stand. Animal paws on the bath itself are welcome. But unlike the later classic style, the furniture is simple, non-cluttering, with gold or bronze finishes.

For ceramic tiles - only Greek ornament, laconic, wavy or spiral. Heated towel rail only in bronze or aged gold.

The main chord in the antique style is the perfect combination of absolutely all interior details, but it should be such that the holistic perception of the interior is not destroyed.

It is very difficult to create an antique style of an interior in a modern house or apartment. You will be balancing on the brink - pretentious pomp or an author's idea on the basis of images created several centuries ago. Whether or not to create an interior in the house in this original and expensive style is up to you in any case! In my opinion, this is one of the most complex and little used interior styles in our time. In comparison with him, with a much more creative imagination and flight of thought, you can create all the following classic, historical interior styles.

So read on and enjoy all the styles in the content of this book. Antique style is an alphabet, without which the process of acquaintance with the science of all architectural styles and styles in the interior cannot be, in principle.

I hope my recommendations will be useful to you.

The continuation of the review on interior styles follows ...

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The continuation of the review on interior styles follows ...

Thanks to me and the sources for the information.
Sincerely yours, Tatiana Antonchenko

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